WWE Champion Undertaker converts to Islam

It is a good news for me and the rest of Muslims that WWE World heavyweight Champion Undertaker Embrace Islam. On his last interview, he verified that he converted to Islam. He Believe in ALLAH. He added that after embracing islam i got a new life. Thanks to the enthusiasm of Muslims who want to feel happy for a moment because a celebrity has accepted Islam, because the very next day their photos will be spreading all over the Internet with claims that he has accepted Islam.

On that occasion the quote got famous that ”The Dead Man Gets New Life In Islam“. Undertaker meet a Alim in a flight and he said i got new life from ALLAH i want to accept islam. he added that i saw a dream in which i see some reflection and ends of world and i noticed that Islam is the only one religion who is true and the pure in all around the world.

May ALLAH show him RIGHT way, The way of goodness, kindness and happiness.


4 komentar:

  1. Min bsok buat postingan yg org, tempat, iptek, pokoke yg yahud2 ntu ternyta islam, ternyta msuk islam, trnyta dri quran, pokoke yg yahud n namber waann smua akui islam min! Yg gg islam artiny musuh dh hrus d basmi! Holowakbarl min Holowakbarl!

  2. WWE itu cuma akting.... coba cek itu dia pindah agam juga akting kali..

  3. Dulu Undertaker masuk ke arena naik motor diiringi lagu Limp Bizkit..sekarang naik onta diiringi nasyid